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3931 Cambridge Road, Cameron Park, Ca. 95682

About Us

Meet The Doctors

Dr Stan and Margaret Regula

In 1987, Doctors Stan and Margaret Regula received their Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degrees from the nationally top-rated University of California, at Davis.

Our Facilities

We have the latest equipment necessary to provide the best possible care for your pet!

When people first visit us, they expect to see something similar to their own doctor's office, which has a waiting area, receptionist and examination rooms. When you need X-rays, blood tests, a prescription, or surgery, your personal physician will typically send you somewhere else.

Veterinary hospitals, on the other hand, are equipped to provide all of those same services in one place!  That way you don't have to worry about running all over town because we do it all for you here at Cameron Park Veterinary Hospital.

We also perform the majority of our own blood work and only have to send samples out to another lab under really special circumstances.

In this special room, we perform all major sterile surgeries. This includes the routine spays and neuters as well as the more advanced surgeries. This surgical suite is equipped with all the necessary equipment.

Surgery Room
X-ray equipment

We are fully equipped to take X-rays so that we may diagnose an internal problem accurately and efficiently. You never have to "wait until the lab sends over the X-rays!"